Cronin Litigation Raises Money for OzHarvest

In 2014, a number of staff from Cronin Litigation Lawyers will be running together in the Gold Coast Marathon 10km run to raise money for OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is a food rescue charity that collects excess food from cafes, delis, supermarkets and restaurants and delivers it to some 80 charities within South East Queensland who then feed those in need.

In support of OzHarvest, and to give us all some motivation for the Marathon, we have set up a Cronin Litigation Lawyers team fundraising page where you can donate and assist with this great cause.

OzHarvest and Cronin Litigation Lawyers are grateful for your donations.

To donate, please click the link below:

To learn more about OzHarvest, please click the following link:

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