Cronin Miller Litigation is now in collaboration with ‘Little Phil Good Moments’

Cronin Miller Litigation Is Now In Collaboration With ‘Little Phil Good Moments’

Cronin Miller Litigation is proud to announce their collaboration with ‘Little Phil Good Moments’.

Little Phil is an organisation who’s name plays on the word “Philanthropist” meaning a person who donates their time or money in order to create a better world. Using the advancement of technology to serve the community and create a platform that reaches multiple charities, Little Phil is looking to widen its charitable reach by partnering with corporates and employers.

Here at team CML we have fully embraced the concept. Here’s how – Little Phil allows companies to gift a monthly donation amount to their employees. The employees are then able to choose a charity of their choice and donate their monthly gift. This process empowers employees to make a difference to those charities that strike a chord with them.

The overall consensus amongst our employees is that little Phil is easy to use, gratifying, and inspiring.

CML partner, Stacy Miller, says this about the collaboration:

With so many different but amazing charities which support various causes across Australia and overseas it can be difficult, and at times overwhelming, trying to make an impact with your donation and efforts. We would love to be able to offer our assistance, financial and otherwise, to as many as possible.

With Little Phil, we are able to empower our employees with a choice as to how to direct their own donations. Derek and I are more than happy to provide that funding to our employees to then make an impact where it matters most to them. For me personally, those causes closest to my heart are those where we can give back to children and families who need it most. My family sponsors a child through the Smith Family Foundation and one of my favourite charities here on the Gold Coast is Baby Give Back which helps families in crisis. But I acknowledge that my team may have other charities that mean something to them that they want to show their support for.

The collaboration allows this flexibility in choice to our team members. There is a monthly donation by each employee to the cause of their choosing. They can donate to the same charity each month, or share it amongst different causes over the various months. It can be a charity here on the Gold Coast one month and the next it may be directed in support of emergency relief efforts in Turkey. That flexibility to choose is one of the best things about this platform.

Two of our employees Jonathon and Carmen have chosen to donate close to home at Currumbin Wildlife. This donation assists in caring for the influx of injured Koalas due to the Bushfires.

Both Abby and Belinda’s donations reached West Queensland, a program that educates high school students on mental health education. This program aims to break the stigma of mental health, enhance self-efficacy, and encourage help-seeking.

Another employee Aline has donated her gift to Baby Give Back’s ‘Safe Start for Babies’. This program assists new families provide the basic essentials for babies born into underprivileged homes. Aline found that Little Phil’s use of photos, locations, and blurbs made it easy to identify each charity and where her donation was going.

Cronin Miller is proud to be a part of a social enterprise that is dedicated to giving back to the community. We look forward to continuing our journey with Little Phil and assisting our employees to make a difference.

Please jump on and check out the amazing things that Little Phil is doing by exploring its campaigns, and if you or your employer are interested in finding out more feel free to reach out to us. Here is the link : 

Your All-In-One Social Impact Platform | Little Phil

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