Bankruptcy Advice

If you are having financial difficulties of your own, you may be concerned to know what your options are.  In many cases, advice can assist clients to resolve their issues regarding their debt obligations.

We have considerable experience in personal and corporate insolvency, meaning we can advise you about the various options you have to address the question of outstanding debts.

We enjoy long-established relationships with various insolvency professionals who are based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Our considerable experience in bankruptcy and arrangements with creditors under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act allows us to provide you with appropriate advice as to what is the best course of action to take.

For example, debtors can now enter upon terms of:

  • debt agreements under the provisions of Part 9 of the Bankruptcy Act – which allows a debtor to satisfy his or her debts without being made bankrupt; and
  • a personal insolvency agreement under the provisions of Part 10 of the Bankruptcy Act, an arrangement known as a Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA).

We are able to provide you with advice concerning what appropriate steps should be taken in these circumstances, assist you in negotiating with your creditors and can also advise you at the same time whether there are any grounds upon which you may dispute a debt that is being claimed against you.


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